Stainless Steel Chimney Caps

Stainless steel seamless – lifetime guarantee – all shapes and sizes.

If you’re in need of a new or replacement chimney cap, Abraham Roofing can help. We’re pleased to offer our customers both chimney cap sales and installation so you can easily get the chimney cap you need to protect your wood stove, gas venting, or fireplace from damage.

Stainless Steel Seamless Chimney Caps

We offer a wide variety of chimney capes here at Abraham Roofing, but, stainless steel seamless chimney caps are some of the best performers and are highly recommended where appropriate.

Advantages of using stainless steel seamless chimney caps include:

  • Capability to Withstand Strong Winds and Rain
  • Less Susceptible to Rust
  • Handles Exposure to Smoke and Soot Well
  • Lower Chance for Discoloration of Chimney from Runoff
  • Maintains Integrity Over Time

We Offer Chimney Caps in All Shapes and Sizes

For your convenience, you can find our stainless steel seamless chimney caps, as well as all of the other chimney caps we sell, in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. This way, you can rest assured that we’ll have the best chimney cap for your situation in stock and ready for installation by one of our highly trained roofing specialists.

Our Chimney Caps Come With a Lifetime Guarantee

Regardless of what type of chimney cap you purchase from Abraham Roofing, we’ll include a lifetime guarantee!

We stand behind the products we sell and the staff that complete our projects. Plus we want to always be sure that when someone works with Abraham Roofing they walk away a happy and satisfied customer.

Abraham Roofing is one of the leading roofing companies in New York and is experienced in all areas of roofing. Contact us today for a free estimate for a chimney cap, or any of our other services. We’ll be happy to work with you to find a way to meet all your roofing needs.