Roof Maintenance

Does going years without giving your roof maintenance seem dangerous? Probably not and quite frankly you wouldn’t be the only individual who wouldn’t find this an issue. Most home or building owners take for granted that roofs are designed for long-term durability and neglect to give them regular care. Generally, the only time when roofs gain attention is when they start to leak or need to be replaced. However, responding to roofs in this manner is similar to changing the oil in your vehicle only after you have engine problems. Why wait until damage has occurred and costly repairs or even replacement is necessary? There is a better approach. The Big City Roofing roofing crew can arrange to regularly inspect your roof and proactively repair minor problems before they become major issues.

While a roof might seem to just sit there and not be exposed to much wear and tear, the reality is there are many forces acting upon. For example, the beating of ultraviolet rays from the sun, break its surface down. Also, the oppressive heat causes the roof to expand and the cool evening atmosphere causes it to contract. These opposing forces can cause minor defects, which compound over time, when ignored, will cause major roof problems. The pressure from snow, hail, and rainstorms are other elements that cause issues that gradual become serious damages when not cared for promptly.

A lot of consideration is put into roofing systems since they are one of the major assets of a building. All roof manufacturers agree that there isn’t anything more vital to your roof’s longevity than to establish a program of regular inspection and adequate maintenance. This is the reason many roof warranties will require it. Another important fact to note is that failure to perform and document regular roof maintenance can be the grounds for an insurance provider to deny payments on legitimate claims. An example of this would be a hurricane damage claim. Give us a call today for a free estimate and safeguard your investment!