Roof Repair Isn’t For Wimps: Cleaning Your Home’s Skylights

September 15th, 2011 by admin

Roof Repair Isn’t For Wimps:  Cleaning Your Home’s Skylights


Skylights bring light and nature into the home where traditional windows can’t go.  Unfortunately, this access to nature can get a bit messy at times.  While the roofing contractor who installed your skylights probably warned you about the buildup of minerals from rain and snow, they might have forgotten the extra bonuses from nature:  sap from trees, grime from dirt and dust in the wind and gifts from passing birds can all dull the light your home receives.  Cleaning your skylight can be done by yourself, but it does take a bit of caution.

Using A Roofing Contractor

Of course, the easiest way to clean your skylights is by hiring a roofing contractor.  Bringing in the professionals will not only ensure that your skylight is cleaned and checked for maintenance issues, but will also be easier and less risky for you personally.  Getting up on the roof and cleaning is no laughing matter: hundreds of people are hurt in falls off ladders and roofs every year.  A professional contractor will save you from any danger.

Cleaning Your Skylights Outside

If you are going to go ahead and clean your skylights yourself, you should start with the outside.  First, make sure you have all the tools necessary:

  • A ladder
  • A garden hose
  • A bucket and sponge or other cleaning implement
  • A cleaner that won’t damage the plexiglass

The ladder is, of course, to get you up on the roof.  Once you are up there, fill the bucket with water from the hose.  Rinse off the skylight to remove any loose debris such as leaves.  Clean the plexiglass with the cleanser.  If there is sap or bird dropping, be sure that your cleanser is citrus-based: this will help break down the organic matter.  Once your skylight is clean, rinse it well with the hose and let it air dry.

Cleaning The Inside

The hardest part of keeping skylights clean is making sure the outside stays nice.  The inside of the skylight is much easier to maintain.  Many roofing contractors will give you advice on how to keep this half clean, but won’t actually do it for you.  This is because it’s very simple: simply take a soft rag and put it on the end of a broom or long stick.  Wipe away any dust or cobwebs that may have accumulated.  If necessary, use a glass cleaner and wipe down the inside of the skylight.  Follow up with a clean, dry rag to prevent streaks from drying.  Most importantly, put a drop cloth or plastic tarp down to prevent any cleanser spills onto your carpet!

Maintaining your skylights does not have to be an expensive or time consuming task.  While some people may prefer to call in a roofing contractor to clean the outside half, cleaning your skylights can be done on your own time with minimal trouble and hassle.  Just a few simple steps can ensure that your home gets beautiful natural light, no matter what the weather is outside.


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