Installation of new Siding

Give Your Home a Facelift – Installation of New Siding

NRG Construction provides quality and durable siding installation services to improve the look of your home and protect it from external elements that may cause damage. The right kind of siding material increases the value of your property and saves you time and costs in having to repaint every few years. With our years in the business, we offer top-grade siding materials and professional workmanship at reasonable fees. Our roofing contractors guarantee long-lasting durability – and your peace of mind.

Choosing Siding for Your Home

In choosing the right siding material to for your home, three factors need to be taken into consideration:

1. the architectural design of the building
2. the differences between the types of siding materials
3. the weather conditions in your area

The existing architectural design of your home will help you choose a suitable siding color and style – in pretty much the same way people choose clothes for their body type. Siding also serves an aesthetic purpose and if done right, can make your house look refurbished, except that it cost lower.

Care should also be given in picking the siding material. Costs, appearance, and maintenance of siding materials vary. NRG Construction can give you information and make recommendations on which one suits your budget and your lifestyle. The most commonly used materials used for siding include vinyl, metal, wood, and masonry with vinyl as the cheapest and masonry as the most expensive. When it comes to durability, metal and vinyl are excellent choices. If you can afford it, masonry siding (brick, cement, stucco, etc) can last up to 30 years.

Last but not least, weather conditions play an important role in making a decision on the most suitable siding material. For instance, if you live in an area with extreme weather changes, vinyl, brick, and composite siding are obvious choices because these can withstand severe weather transitions. Feel free to ask our roofing contractors for recommendations if you are quite unsure.

Professional Siding Installers

The installation of new siding is a job that should not be taken lightly. Once you have made a decision on which material to use, it is best to leave everything else to professionals who have experience in the job. NRG Construction contractors are prompt, reliable, and efficient. They perform their jobs with care and do their work with utmost respect for your property.

Call us at NRG Construction today for a Free Inspection. We will immediately send an authorized service provider to evaluate your siding requirements, present you with samples of siding materials, and get the dimensions of your home. Once everything is good to go, our contractors will get started posting permits, delivering materials, and installing the siding of your new dream house. Our services are fully insured and bonded.