When To Repair Your Gutters And When To Replace Them

September 29th, 2011 by admin

When To Repair Your Gutters And When To Replace Them

Everyone knows that keeping the gutters on your roof in good condition is important.  Even the smallest hole can create a structural flaw that will bring the gutter down – usually at the least opportune time.  Instead of waiting for the middle of winter to look into gutter replacement, take a look now.  Making sure you perform basic upkeep and some do it yourself gutter repair can ensure a solid roof all winter long.

When To Perform Gutter Repair

If you take the time to inspect your gutters for damage before winter starts, you will save time and money.  Doing some simple gutter repair on your own, or hiring a roofing contractor to do the repairs for you, will ensure your gutters stay in place through the heaviest of snow falls.  Before you start any repairs, you will need to inspect the gutters for damage.  This involves getting on your roof and taking a good look at the entire length of your gutter, including the downspout.  Any cracks or holes should be shored up, and wobbly attachments should be tightened and secured firmly to your roof.

When To Purchase Gutter Replacement

Sometimes, even with the most careful upkeep, your gutters will need to be replaced.  This is usually due to the effects of time and Mother Nature on the material.  From cracks in vinyl to holes in metal, some flaws in the material cannot be repaired with a quick fix.  Replacing damaged gutters is essential to not only the safety of your home but also the stability of your roof, as damaged gutters can allow moisture to seep in, and with it mold and mildew.

Finding A Gutter Company

If you are shopping around for different gutter replacement prices, don’t neglect to take company reputation into account.  Remember, quite often you get what you pay for.  Just because a company says they can replace your gutters for a lower price than another doesn’t mean the quality of work will be the same.  Ask friends and family for recommendations and look at review sites on the internet before making a final decision.

When To Repair, When To Replace

If you are still torn on whether or not you should repair gutters or replace them, take a look at this short checklist.

  • Where is the damage located?
  • Can you or a roofing company easily repair the damage?
  • If the damage is temporarily repaired, will it last through the winter?
  • If the damage is not repaired, will it adversely affect your home?

Understanding the importance of keeping the gutters on your roof maintained properly is important to any home owner.  Without the necessary maintenance, a simple gutter repair project that could have been done over the weekend can end up costing thousands of dollars as a roof repair job you have to hire a company to do.  Knowing when to repair your gutters and when to replace them will save your home from damage.


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