Top Ten Reasons To Look Into Gutter Cleaning This Fall

September 1st, 2011 by admin

Top Ten Reasons To Look Into Gutter Cleaning This Fall

With fall rapidly approaching, the air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and you are probably looking into getting your home ready for another long, cold winter.  While you trim back your rosebushes and stock up your woodpile, do not forget to look up!  Making sure your roof is well maintained can save you a lot of heartbreak and hassle in the middle of a snowstorm.  If you are asking yourself where you should start, take a look at your gutters.  Gutter cleaning is one of the easiest things to do, and whether you choose to hire roofing contractors or go on your own, keeping them maintained is a great way to keep your family safe.

Top Ten Reasons For Gutter Cleaning

  1. A squirrel may have set up a summer home. As funny as it may seem, a squirrel or bird may have created a nest in your gutters over the spring and summer, especially if you didn’t clean them out earlier this year.  The leaves, twigs and other bits that Mother Nature leaves behind with every gust of wind create a natural campground for woodland creatures to set up shop.  Gutter cleaning can evict the creatures.

  3. Falling leaves may mean falling gutters. While gutters are made to withstand water pressure and snow weight, if you have not had them cleaned recently, you may be doing more harm than you think.  As leaves decompose, the bacteria and water left behind can weaken older metal gutters, causing rust and, on occasion, breaking the gutter itself.  Roofing contractors can spot damage often long before a homeowner.

  5. Not every home needs a waterfall. Waterfalls in swimming pools:  great.  Waterfalls off the front of your porch: not great.  An overly full gutter can block water from properly draining, creating a dangerous flow of water where it’s not supposed to go.

  7. Mold is not a good look. Falling behind on gutter cleaning isn’t just an aesthetic issue.  An overly full gutter can send water where it’s not supposed to go, causing the potential for mold and rot in the walls of your home.

  9. Have you smelled rotting woodchips before? When you mix a buildup of leaves, water, and heat, all in an enclosed space, you create a fantastic place to make your own gardening mulch.  Unfortunately, when the enclosed space is on your roof, the smell of decomposing plant life can get a bit overpowering.

  11. Snow melts faster than you think. Even in the middle of winter, a single warmer than usual day can start snow melting.  Roofing contractors can tell you that cleaning out a gutter in the middle of January to make sure the melted snow can flow off your roof is a less than fun experience.

  13. It’s like spring cleaning in fall. You clean the inside of your house in spring to get rid of the dust and grime winter brought; why not clean the outside in fall to prepare for winter’s arrival?  As you cover your flowers and turn over your vegetable beds, preparing your gutters is the next logical step.

  15. Scratch another thing off the honey-do list. It’s been on there for months.  Might as well get it over with now, instead of during football season.

  17. Return all the balls and Frisbees to the neighborhood kids. The collection of basketballs, Frisbees, and the occasional pair of shoes on suburban roofs can grow exponentially higher during summer months.  Take the time during gutter cleaning to collect everything that the neighborhood kids have lost and return them to their rightful owner.  It may save you from a TP hit on Halloween.

  19. Proper maintenance lasts. Roofing contractors will agree: proper maintenance of your roof will ensure that it lasts longer.  Gutter cleaning is one of the most simple ways to keep your roof maintained, and will keep your home in better condition as the summer comes to a close.


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